Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Getting Past the Pitfalls

What are the pitfalls of trying to create a company with three people who have three different lives and lots of distraction and live in two different states?

We have so many cons against us making it big:
*Two of us are married with kids (Not to each other)- Pitfall: Spousal and offspring interruption.
*One of us had some major surgeries- Pitfall: One third of the workforce out on medical leave.
*A rotation of one of us seems to be sick every other week- Pitfall: See above.
*Leaky Ceilings- Pitfall: they occurred in the room where Gary had all operations set up.  While he managed to overcome this by moving everything temporarily, it blew a weekend.
*No regular income from the site.
*No ongoing budget.
*Other things in the universe that we decide are more important.
*Two full-time jobs and one PTA President.  (Yup, I’m a President. And it is a part time job with zero pay.)
*The internet won’t work.  This was me last week on Tuesday.  I totally forgot to unplug and reset the modem box.  After waiting 12 hours to talk to Gary, he figured out I hadn’t done that, and voila!  This is my excuse for no blog last week.
*We have a best friend and sister and brother.  What happens when things don’t go well there?  Hopefully we can all be friends at the end of this thing.
When one week or weekend is blown for one person in a company of three, it’s like blowing 7 weeks of work.  Okay, I’m making that number up, but really, we meet every Sunday evening to for a business discussion.  If you were able to take a snapshot of the company progress from our first meeting over two years ago to now, it would make the most lame flipbook of all time.
Although, since the beginning of February we have been kicking in more regularly and it’s starting to pay off.  www.seetvgo.com has been getting many more new visitors and hopefully this will net out many more return visits.
One exciting accomplishment this week was that Gary added A&E to our channel lineup.  Now we have links to Bates Motel, Hoarders, Storage Wars, and Duck Dynasty, plus many more!
Please feel free to leave any feedback about www.seetvgo.com itself here on the blog:  Do you like or not like the way it looks?  Are there things we could do to make you want to come back more often?  We would love to hear from you!