Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What Comes Next?

Trying to figure out my social media posts is a bit challenging.  There are as many directions to go as there are tv shows on our site.  (We have links to more than one thousand shows!)  What do I compose that will make people say, “Oh yeah, I need to catch up on "xyz" show through www.seetvgo.com!”   Or what do I highlight to help people find a new show that they might enjoy?

JD added a great feature to the site last week.  On the home page in the third column, there are now 10 random shows that have brand new episodes posted somewhere out on the web.  If you are bored, this is a great place to start finding a new tv addiction!  One show posted today is the History channels "Vikings" which is also a new series.

But, back to figuring out posts for our social media: when you look at all television shows as a whole, they make up an entire world.  From the classy to the down right trashy, there are thousands of directions to go and right now, not a clear idea of how to grab people’s interest.

And how do I not let it focus all on my interests?  I could post Big Bang Theory things every week.  (And NBC’s Thursday night lineup.) But, I’m trying hard to capture a varied audience and draw in all the people who have the common thread of just plain liking to watch television now and then, or all the time, classy or trashy.  

One of the tools I have using for inspiration is “FlipBoard” which is an app on my android tablet.  I love FlipBoard. They have made the internet into my own little magazine.  To use it, you go in and pick websites that appeal to your interests.   For myself, I tailored it to site that focus on entertainment and television news.  It’s basically your favorites list. Then FlipBoard puts all those “favorites” into a personal magazine that you can flip through, seeing the most recent posts on those sites.

One thing all three of us at www.seetvgo.com could use from our site’s visitors are ideas, feedback and input about our site.  Are you liking my posts?  What do you want to see more of?  Is there is a channel you are really needing to see added to our lineup?  Since we are just starting, there’s a hot chance one vote for a channel will get it added to our lineup.  Gary has promised to start working on a new channel this week, and hopefully we’ll see it soon!  (I don’t know what it will be, I forgot to ask.) 

We are plugging away, working to give you a better and better experience on our site.  What do you want to see next?