Tuesday, March 5, 2013

So we have this little site called www.seetvgo.com.  It is simple and uncluttered.  In some ways it is big, because it is linked to a world of television, but within itself, it is small.  Even our company is small.  We are run by three people. 

Myself, a stay-at-home mom who’s kids are all in school now.  I am hoping the income from this site will someday justify my staying at home even though all the kids are in school.  My degree was in accounting, which I worked in for a few years before popping out babies.  My goal is to never be in corporate accounting again because every cell in my body rebels against it.  Yes, I am the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for www.seetvgo.com, but punting  the accounting to my husband has happened a couple of times when I just could not remember or process things.  He has an accounting degree which he earned before his engineering degree.  He helps for free.

My business partners are JD who is my little brother,  and Gary, who have been friends for years.  They are always knocking around the idea of going into business together.  Their other ideas for companies haven’t taken off, but they both know computer programming.  The idea for www.seetvgo.com has been their most viable idea, so we have finally hit on something that uses the guys’ strengths. 

My husband and  I put up some capital, rusty accounting skills and learn-as-I-go marketing skills to help the guys get this little thing off the ground.  JD is CIO (Chief Information Officer) and Gary the COO (Chief Operations Officer.  (We’re all Americans, by the way, if that’s attractive to you.  I know it could go either way)

 JD is my brother and Gary is his friend.  JD will kill me for calling him that.  JD warrants death because I would call him “JD Hogg” while growing up watching the Dukes of Hazzard and he DID NOT like it.  I’m hoping to help him get over that in this blog.  Or his name may change again at some point in the future.

Both of my partners work full time (unless Gary, a contract worker is in a “Laid off” phase.)  so, fitting a forward-moving company into real life with lots of other distractions is challenging.

Anyway, welcome to my blog about our little, new business venture on a shoe string budget with three people who are hoping it will take off.