Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Have you ever been to Kitty Hawk, where the Wright Brothers flew successfully for the first time?  There are markers at each successive spot where the plane landed after a short flight.  It is exhilarating just walking the markers and imagining the building excitement of the team as the plane went just a little further, then a little more, and then, take off! 

While our website is nothing in comparison to man flying, I imagine I feel a little like the Wright brothers at each little leap their plane took.  Google Analytics helps our company track users on our site.  I am watching our Google Analytics page everyday, seeing 5 users, 10, 25, and just hoping that the thing will actually fly!  We are hovering close to the ground right now. 

Our marketing budget is zero.  Ten or so years ago, we would have not been able even to start a company with that kind of funding.  We do not know anyone to approach for investments, and not knowing how this thing will go, don't want to bring in investors just yet, because they usually expect a big return and that's not there right now.  But thanks to modern social media, we can get a little air under our wings. 

I found this great article:   http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2048588/30-Free-Ways-To-Market-Your-Small-Business-Site

Using many of their ideas, I have begun to see an impact on the visits to our site.  We have seen some little surges upward over the past three weeks or so.  My focus has been to daily or every other day post something related to television on Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. 

Being an avid Facebook user, I was sure this would be the way to go, but I am starting to think that Google+ will be much more useful.  If I am correct, people that I put in my circles have the opportunity to see my public posts.  This is different from Facebook, where I think only our likes see the posts.  In Google+ I can also make comments on the posts of people in my circles, again, unlike Facebook, where it is only people who like us.  Because I made my user name the name of the website in Google+, that helps people see our site name and hopefully begin to create brand recognition out there.

Pinterest has also shown a few little leaps.  I have repinned quite a few pictures and had a few repinned.  The interesting thing is that the pictures that get repinned are typically the pictures of hot guys.  (One was a shirtless Adam Levine; who wouldn’t repin that?  Okay, maybe a few wouldn’t.)  So, some of my strategy has become to find hot pictures of television stars to repin. 

We need 30 likes on Facebook to be able to track any activity on it.  Aside from a 26 close friends (thank you everyone!), we only have 1 stranger.  I'm not even sure our current likes are seeing our posts.  My fault?  Don’t know.  But, I keep posting there just in case.

Then there is Twitter.  I am Tweeting here and there, but only have 5 followers.  If a Tweet is made in a forest with no one around, does it make a sound?  If nothing else, the people I am following who are in the television industry give me ideas for my own tweets and posts.  My Twitter knowledge is pretty basic.  This is one area I need to research more thoroughly.

That’s my social media Kitty Hawk right now.  Hopefully we will eventually get a real take off.  Things are looking up.  Our highest day after using the advice of the article I mentioned earlier has been 27 visitors.  This may not seem like a lot, but there were a lot of days with 3 visits or less, so getting into double digits is more exciting than you would think.  So, I keep hoping for that big leap, you know?  The one that leaves 27 in the dust.